Who we are

     EXPO World (Shanghai Houbo Information and Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in December 2014, which is the only officially licensed online Milan Expo project’s development and operational management company in China.

     EXPO World platform has diversified propaganda method: PC + mobile App, Wechat service number, micro blog and other public medias, and has Online Expo, OAO Exhibition, Expo Mall, Art Appreciation and Healthful Life five major sections, it is currently the first "large-scale exhibition O2O" landing operation project in China.

     Nowadays, EXPO World has developed into an extensive OAO exhibition themed transboundary ecological Internet + platform, the main objective is to provide high-end enterprises and groups with one-stop Internet + service with their career and life.

     First, the real "offline + online" Expo practitioner, and also the traditional exhibition model‘s advocator. We are the launched "offline + online exhibition" pioneer and "online exhibition" mode’s leader, our aim is to become the world's largest OAO international convention and exhibition centre.

     Second, ZR (Zaizao in Chinese)(rebuilding reality) technology’s inventor, who really used VR (virtual reality) + AR (virtual reality) + MR (Mixed Reality) applications.

     Third, we integrated the new exhibition economics: using "Exhibition" as an entry point, to create exhibition industry ecosystem on the Internet, with "exhibition activities" influence to driven local tourism, technology and culture, urban investment, real estate sales and city promotion, as well as to create "city name card (Expo city)" and "the new exhibition economic effect" on the Internet.

     Fourth, the real “Internet +” platform: connected with entities to form a "network platform," and then combine "Network" to plus or driven entities; to form "Enterprise and Internet" benign complementary system, to integrate and amplify the traditional enterprise networks’ potential significant role. It will also be the "intergenerational" hugging each other’s social arena.

     Fifth, the real "cross-border" Internet platform: the Internet has achieved Internet + Expo, plus exhibition industry, plus suppliers’ network, plus traditional culture, which is also planning plus healthy life ....... and form different industry consolidation on ecological technology and on the Internet, economic, cultural and ecological service life. Also build a complete "urban construction or corporation” layout.

     Sixth, the future development plan: Online Exhibition->OAO Exhibition (could copy)->OAO International Expo Center->Online Business (could copy)->online City (could copy)->online expo China->online expo world.

     Our platform has attracted over 20 million visitors to browse online! We have been popularized by senior businessmen and government agencies, research institutions and other organizations!

Project Advantage

First, we are the first official authorized Expo brand, which is unique and exclusive.

Second, the “Expo” brand: with high appeal and influence.

Third, the official background: with high credibility.

Fourth, welfare and cultural properties: easily to be accepted by public and well spread, but also improves its quality and social value.

Fifth, create a "double-line Exhibition" mode; it is the first domestic Internet + Exhibition industrial ecology platform.

Six, double-line transboundary ecosystems, with strong lateral and depth extensions to copy, the platform has low operating costs.

Seven, we has built a closed-loop B2B2C business model, with a variety of profit model.

Eight, other industries has declined in recent years, only the exhibition industry keep increase, maintaining an average annual growth of 10-13% in 2015, China's exhibition industry output value has reached over 483 billion yuan.

Expo World Five Sections

[Online Expo] is authorized by Shanghai government as Expo pavilions on the Internet in China, which panoramically display and recall pervious Expo on-line, and to satisfy domestic people who wants to tour Expo’s desire online.

[OAO Exhibition] this part created China first "OAO International Expo Center", using "Internet +" to innovate traditional exhibition industry’s development model, in this way to achieve offline + online exhibitions integration, and to open up a new world for exhibition, rich exhibition industry new product list. We provide multiple services for pavilion owners, exhibition organizers, exhibitors, exhibition decorators and viewers with online exhibition overall solutions. It is conducive to promote the entire exhibition industry, to create "two-dimensional exhibition space" development aspirations.

[Expo Mall] is a high-end comprehensive online mall, showing companies online mall links and exhibitors’ post-exhibition value-added service platform; we promise no fake, no middlemen, and allowing users directly face companies’ store online. We will help exhibitors and participated OAO exhibitors and consumers enjoy hand in hand and face to face services, to help companies increase sales and profitability, and totally benefit consumers.

[Art Appreciation] is an online art and culture exhibition and communication part. It is following the national Internet + culture tendency; promoting Chinese traditional culture and arts, and to boost culture civilization and arts innovation development, reflecting our platform’s social welfare value. This part will help public to meet the cultural needs, enhancing Chinese cultural soft power, showing the world with traditional Chinese culture and to explain the characteristics of folk activities.

[Healthful Life] is an Internet-based high-end medical, pension and travel services, EXPO World will cooperate with numerous entities and organizations to provide online diagnostics, online reservation clinics, and health care and health resort multi-functional integrated services.

Development Plan

     The first phase: through market research, design planning, technology development, branding propaganda and operational services creatively showed panoramic O2O Milan Expo - "EXPO World" has achieved gratifying success.

     The second phase: the establishment of China's first "OAO Exhibition Industry Alliance" in exhibition history a, using "Internet+" to integrate traditional exhibition industry. Create [double-line exhibition] part, expanded exhibition space, increasing the exhibition products and services to meet the different needs of exhibitors and visitors, and leading the innovation and development model of China’s new exhibition industry.

     The third phase: supporting developed [Expo Mall] sector, focusing on the Expo exhibitors, joint ventures and [double-line expo] exhibitors to provide products, sales promotion, rich and innovative changed the enterprise value-added services in post-exhibition.

     The fourth phase: to provide [art appreciation] public services, select, organize, compile and publicize traditional Chinese culture, folk art and cultural legacy, to meet people's spiritual needs, to enhance the "EXPO World" Platform taste and sense of social responsibility.

     The fifth phase: the development of health [health] sector, the country will be the next high-end line of medical resources integration integrated into the line, to achieve to provide online medical services, health monitoring, early warning and ill health pension and other multi-way interactive and integrated services. (In planning)

     The sixth phase: using "EXPO World" operational experience, taking scale-up and replicated schema extensions, integrate industry resources, to create specialized Internet + service industry sub-platform.

     The seventh phase: a substantial cross-border interconnection, cooperation and integration, which taking "point – line- flat" order to have phase implementation and finally realized the goal of Expo China.

Cooperation Method

First, the media resources cooperation

     Using each other’s trade or business communication channels and resources to collaborate and promote brands, expanding exposure rate and increase awareness in the same (or different) industry sectors, geographic area.

Second, Strategic Cooperation

     For these companies who share the common develop goals or operational complementarities, we can establish win-win strategic cooperation.

Third, Advertising Cooperation

     Fully use advantages of the platform's official credibility, as well as Expo brand’s appeal and a wide range of high-end customers’ resources to provide branding and product promotion sales for all industry.

Fourth, Commercial Association and Industry Union Cooperation

     Use our platform to provide a various Internet + innovative services for commercial association and industry union in order to help them with brand and activities promotion. We will also have regularly organized commercial association and industry union thematic exhibitions online to help customers’ enhance brand awareness and to provide innovative sales of services.

Five, Double-line Exhibition Cooperation

(A), Venues cooperate (Party A: EXPO World, Party B: Venue)

     1, Both Party A and B recognizes each other's business relationship, together to create "Internet + Exhibition," innovative development model and to promote each other in its’ own channels and related activities. We could also have mutual propaganda.

     2, Both A and B party held a variety of related exhibition and activities, should priority be free to invite each other to participate in or co-organized (specific participation or cooperation can be negotiated) and free use one’s own communication channels (websites and promotional materials, etc.) to give each other priority advertise or display.

     3, Party A EXPO World to provide Party B with free thematic display and publicity services to promote Party B’s "Internet + Government Affairs + Exhibition" innovative ideas; Party B using its online media and its venues place, posters or screen, etc. provide free display, to promote the "double-line Exhibition" innovative mode for Party A in one year.

     4, Party B using its own advantages of stadium and convention industry resources to cooperate with Party A on "double-line Exhibition" innovative development model, to provide more and more convenient and more efficient service to exhibitors and visitors. Both parties agreed to cooperate in organizing high-level "double-line exhibition" mode, specific division as follows:

(1) Party B provides appropriate exhibition information and actively recommends event organizers to cooperate with Party A on the "Double-line Exhibition" project.

(2) Party A is responsible for "online exhibition" overall production and promotional display, include: Party A through PC website, mobile official website, wechat, microblogging and link to Party B's official website, while also providing the audience through Party B's official website to watch "online exhibition" link, enhance the Party B’s website viewers number.

     5, Party B promises Party A to give the highest priority and the best price when rental venues under the same conditions.

     6, Derived from cooperation:The exhibition as an important event to boost urban development, which plays an important role in promoting and complementary effects on urban and regional branding, tourism, real estate and investment. Party A and Party B are willing to join together to work with government’s business, tourism, etc. departments, to create an integrated Internet + cooperation (specifically negotiated separately).

(B), Cooperate with organizers (Party A: EXPO World, Party B: Organizers)

     1, Both Party A and Party B recognizes each other's business relationship, aim to create "Internet + exhibition" innovative develop model, and promote each other in its’ own communication channels and exhibition investments, to expand each other’s brand, and business development. Both parties should actively provide each other with priority integrated brand resources, industry resources and investment resources.

     2, Both parties held several of related topics or exhibition activities, should be free and priority to invite each other to participate in or co-organized (specific participation or cooperation will be negotiated) and free use of their own communication channels (websites and promotional materials, etc.) to give each other priority display and promotion.

     3, Party A uses its own platform to provide Party B with investment and display of publicity services and promotion, publicize and promote the Party B "Internet + Exhibition" innovative ideas; Party B using its own communication channels and exhibition activities to provide Party A one year free display, and to promote the "double-line Exhibition" innovation mode.

     4, Party B uses its own organizers strengths and resources with Party A to create "Double-line Exhibition" innovative development model, and to provide more and more convenient and efficient service to exhibitors and visitors. Specific cooperation as follows:

(1) Both A and B to participate in the pre-convention planning and promotion investment, investment content covers online and offline. Party A and B work together to propaganda the exhibition in the whole process.

(2) Party A is responsible for organizing the whole online exhibition (planning, design, operation and propaganda). Show publicity include: Party A's PC official website, mobile official website, wechat, micro-blog and official website links to Party B, while providing "double-line exhibition" online link to audience through the Party B's official website, enhance Party B’s website viewers.

(3) Party B responsible for the overall offline exhibition, provide information about the exhibitors participating in online exhibition and maintain a good and timely communication with Party A.

(4) Distribution of benefits: Party B recommended exhibitors in "double-line exhibition" the distribution ratio of participation fees, Party A and Party B need have consultations and make commitment to the tax payable.

     5, Party A and B agreed to hold regular and lower cost activity, faster and efficient, so let exhibitors and visitors can stay at home to achieve pure "online exhibition" mode.

     6, Party B organized offline exhibition, Party A invest or recommended exhibitor caused participation fees, Party A and Party B consult allocation ratio, and commitment to have the tax payable.

(C) Exhibition Decoration Cooperation

     Our platform with specialized industry sector [Exhibition Decoration] free publicity showcase related companies’ businesses, brands, works and the audience award, free access the exhibition organizers and exhibitors information on consulting and project joint cooperation. Exhibition decoration companies only need to register as double-line alliance member to sign an agreement.