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“Handheld-china”comes into being!

    Handheld-expo is found in 12, 2014,which is the only operation being the official online stage of Milan World Expo.

     Handheld-expo has internet communication mode of PC&mobile websites and wechat&weibo,where there are five major sections-Online Expo,OAO Expo,Expo Mall,Art Appreciation and Health Regim.With that,we have created the first great official "OAO exhibition " platform in China.

     Being a Multi-fields internet platform, our target is to provide those mid-to-high-end enterprises and entrepreneurs with one-stop online service.

what is the "Handheld-expo"?

    Ⅰ、Handheld-expo's uses "online and offline(OAO)"mode to creat a greatest online international convention and exhibition center;

    Ⅱ、ZR (Zaizao in Chinese)(rebuilding reality) technology’s inventor, who really used VR (virtual reality) + AR (Augmented Reality) + MR (Mixed Reality) applications.

    Ⅲ、We integrated the new exhibition economics: using "Exhibition" as an entry point, to create exhibition industry ecosystem on the Internet, with "exhibition activities" influence to driven local tourism, technology and culture, urban investment, real estate sales and city promotion, as well as to create "city name card (Expo city)" and "the new exhibition economic effect" on the Internet.

    Ⅵ、The real “Internet +” platform: connected with entities to form a "network platform," and then combine "Network" to plus or driven entities; to form "Enterprise and Internet" benign complementary system, to integrate and amplify the traditional enterprise networks’ potential significant role. It will also be the "intergenerational" hugging each other’s social arena.

    Ⅴ、The real "cross-border" Internet platform: the Internet has achieved Internet + Expo, plus exhibition industry, plus suppliers’ network, plus traditional culture, which is also planning plus healthy life ....... and form different industry consolidation on ecologicaltechnology and on the Internet, economic, cultural and ecological service life. Also build a complete "urban construction or corporation” layout.

    Ⅵ、The future development plan: Online Exhibition—>OAO Exhibition (could copy)—>OAO International Expo Center —> Online Business (could copy)—> online city(could copy)—> online China—> online international expo. ……

    entire environment:policy support from government;creation and upgrade in exhibition and convention industry;large demand for internet inside and outside China.

    industry trends:since other sectors are always sliding down in recent years, exhibition and convention indutry which keeping the growth of 10-13% made a output value of more than 483,000,000,000 in 2015.our government's official support is the indelible contribution to the great achievement.

    exhibition and cinvention industry characters:strong corelation and crossover;internet pays good impact on urban tourism、tech-culture、industry investment、real eatate sales and other fields.Go forwoard,OAO exhibition and cinvention industry will have broader market space.