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"Online and Offline Exhibition" to Create a New Development Model for China's Exhibition Industry

Handheld Expo Platform

    "Online and Offline Exhibition" opened a new era of Internet OAO applications

    Social development, policy guidance and technological progress will inevitably bring a lot of industry and industry subversion and innovation. Especially in the mobile Internet era, all the original management, business and business models are likely to be changed, innovation and even cross-border subversion, which may come from within the industry, but more likely from outside the industry. All inherent conservative, enterprising enterprises will eventually be eliminated. The future everything will be "interoperability", which is the power of the platform! Interconnection is the sharing of new information resources, the integration of new technical resources, the new business model innovation, the adjustment of the new division of labor and new development results of the win-win situation.

    We all know the power of technology trends is unstoppable! Internet has gone through 20 years of development, from the O2O to OAO, Internet + national policy includes both respect for the technology also contains the expected trend. Handheld Expo created the first domestic OAO exhibition mode and digital exhibition platform, through the online data and resources advantages of gathering geographically dispersed exhibition companies and organizations together, from a simple geographical space into the Internet space, through the depth integration of online and offline, using of VR technology and ZR (Rebuilding reality) approach overlap reality and virtual complex, and strive to become China's Internet + exhibition innovation and upgrading industrial service platform.

Eco-platform of exhibition industry should have four characteristics

    First, with reliable and collaborative infrastructure platform, can greatly improve the economic efficiency of the exhibition industry;

    Second, in a convenient way or new exhibition operation mode, to meet a lot of previously difficult or unsatisfied social and market demand;

    Third, the formation of industry ecology and the multilateral market, the achievements of a large number of third-party partners, changed their business environment, can achieve more win-win situation;

    Fourth, the development of unlimited space, can continue to evolve from time to time, emerging new business and new markets, generate new energy.

Why exhibition organizers’ website is difficult to become a real online exhibition platform?

    As the Internet + exhibition innovation application, online exhibition mode depends on the role of its user volume, only its ability to cross and aggregate a number of industry (subjects), or across single industry, multiple exhibition project resources, will be a single exhibition create geometric multiple of the effective amplification and sale of connections. And any organizers can develop their own vertical field of the site, but a single exhibition of limited trading volume of resources, can produce commercial connection is also very limited and partial, so this online exhibition can only be offline business matching activities of the online version, can not get to imagine the magnification effect. And do online show operators need to pay the high cost of information technology operations and Internet operating costs, which they are not good at and unbearable.

    So the real professional online and offline exhibition platform will accomplish much! It will also be the future development of aircraft carrier in the exhibition industry.

    How to understand a variety of exhibitions?

    Popular understanding: the exhibition is in a specific place and time, artificially organized by a specific industry and enterprise "collective display advertising and docking cooperation" activities. Professional exhibition to B2B-based, consumer exhibition to B2C-based.

    Because of this, the effects of traditional exhibitions in the contemporary era due to "location, time, distance, space and cost" and other restrictions greatly reduced. So how to solve the traditional exhibition development bottleneck? Obviously, online + offline "OAO exhibition" model will be a new and effective way of development.

    Online exhibitions have great advantages in terms of convenience, low cost, wide coverage and long exhibition period, especially in line with the lifestyle of 80 people. Therefore, the biggest feature of online exhibition is "show communication and information access" this happens to be the soft underbelly of the current exhibition!

    Therefore, the offline main advantages will be reflected in the event with the existing customers or potential customers face to face communication and enhance the feelings of the opportunity and place, which is precisely the online show can not do!

    Therefore, the "OAO exhibition" model has become the "online lock target" + "Offline docking public relations," this will perfect complement and division of labor, will greatly enhance the parties to the convention and exhibition experience and effect, so make a Chinese exhibition innovation and development mode of the new road.