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"Online and Offline Exhibition" is an Expert Dancing, Layman Co-performances’ Stage

Yu yejun

    Under the inspiration of national Internet + strategy, the traditional exhibition facing the "+ Internet" and "Internet + Exhibition" topics in the exhibition industry is being explored in full swing. There is a discussion there will be innovation, at least this shows the exhibition industry's people pay much attention to the industry’s survival and innovation, which is gratifying!

    The author as the founder and CEO of Handheld Expo platform has participated in the speech and hosted a lot of similar forums and meetings, know a lot of good exhibition entrepreneurs and scholars, and also published a lot of the article. Although the author is neither Internet person nor exhibition person, but now I actually engaged in the "Exhibition + Internet and Internet + Exhibition" innovative practice. Perhaps the author is not the so-called "Internet industry" and "exhibition industry" meaning "experts", but it is across the industry's "third eye", perhaps true innovation and subversion often come from the "layman"!

    "Layman" does not dance, but can set up a stage . Before exploring the theme of this article, the first should re-comb the following points:

First, how to understand the "Internet +" national strategy?

Second, what is the "+ Internet" and "Internet +" and the relationship between the two?

    What is "Internet+"? It means to share the cooperation, using "network" to "entity", and with "Internet" to develop the entity; "Internet" means to share cooperation, "network" means a win-win integration, which represents a new form of society. That is giving “Internet” fully play to the allocation of resources in the optimization and integration, make the depth innovation in the Internet integration of economic and social fields, to enhance the whole society Innovation and productivity, and form of a wider range of Internet-based infrastructure and tools of achievement economic development new forms.

    "+Internet" is often called the company’s website, the purpose is to improve their own brand, the "Internet+” commonly be called platform, the interests of peer-to-peer sharing and integration between systems, the purpose is to provide Internet support services and innovation upgrades in the related traditional enterprises and industries.

Promote and encourage the Internet +, does not refer to a specific event, but a new thinking, new model and new form.

    Macro: is to remind everyone to embrace the Internet, that is, close to the 80s generation, into the future;

    Micro: is to encourage social upgrading and innovation, use the Internet to share resources, optimize the social productive forces, and common development.In practice: is the enterprise + Internet, and then, the Internet + business, continuing promote and complementary advantages ... ...

    In fact, the Internet is not virtual, it is only a very effective "relationship integration" approach only. Perhaps we do not realize that we have been living in the real world "Internet +", such as the establishment and expansion of network, work network, business network and emotional network and so on.

    80s is gradually becoming the backbone of China’s future, they are born with the Internet gene has been living in the Internet world, you have the "Internet thinking" is to let you into the 80s future and future trends, or you can only leave yesterday accompany lonely! Like many parents who are 'abandoned' by their children, if they do not approach them immediately, the future may not give you a chance to make up for it.

Third, what is the "online and offline exhibition" and its significance?

    Recently the exhibition industry has become a hot term, called "online and offline exhibition." Internet era, we are familiar with the concept of O2O. Offline sales gradually goes online, which is the most domestic enterprises are looking for a way out. Selling products can make a self-built e-commerce providers, or with the major platform to achieve sales; selling services are now increasingly adapt to online sales (such as o2o beauty industry). Only the exhibition industry has maintained the traditional model: curatorial ------ group exhibition------ investment - field exhibition. In the eyes of many people, some of its inherent approach can not be achieved through the online channel, but the fact is not the case.

    Since the Handheld Expo platform has expanded online exhibition (the first case: online Milan Expo), subject to questioned or encouraged, but in any case, online and offline model has been approaching shape, online and offline conflicts gradually tempered run-in, collision a new operational ideas.

In the traditional advantages of exhibition,

    From controlling the cost of contact with effective customers, the online exhibition will undoubtedly have a more substantial display time, more convenient way of viewing the exhibition and the cheapest cost of exhibitors.

    From the precise positioning customer groups, the online exhibition will have more perspective coverage and screening customers, these customers will undoubtedly have a comprehensive understanding of enterprises and products, more likely to reach cooperation intention, improve efficiency while greatly reducing the work amount.

    From the perspective of market research, digital online exhibition has a traditional exhibition can not matched advantages of a wide range of coverage, fragmentation of view, anytime, anywhere, can break the time, distance and space constraints, providing more comprehensive data reporting and user behavior analysis,which is more reliable and long-term in the customer at the exhibition site by their naked eye, short-term communication.

    The online exhibition’s shortcoming- product experience, now is weakening in cooperation with traditional exhibitions, coupled with the popularization of VR technology, will greatly improve the users’ experience. In the future, offline exhibition failed to form the attention and transactions, through the online exhibition will also strengthen the intention to once again contributed deal. OAO exhibition will give customers enough time, opportunity and convenience, become the exhibition industry interaction and new exhibition economy develop new stage.

Fourth, why we say "online exhibition is not only to move the show online" so simple?

    "Internet + Exhibition" is not the same as the "exhibition moved on the Internet," nor is the exhibition organizers to build a website, the wechat public number or APP such simple! The Internet is not only the transmission of information medium, but the technology, thinking, resources, organic combination, specifically:

1, the technical level,

    the current connotation of the Internet has been extended to mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing,big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other core information and communication technology collection.

2, the level of thinking

    to get rid of the past self-centered and peer-to the traditional business model, the establishment and use of user thinking, technical thinking, innovative thinking, the Internet model to think and solve problems.

3, the pattern of resources

    emphasizing the integration of enterprise resources and industry resources, establish the bigger picture, enterprise development and industry rise and fall.

    Therefore, the "Internet + Exhibition" is not only the traditional exhibition electronic services, online, it will produce a "connection - upgrade - innovation - amplification" fourfold effect:

The core of the "connectivity" is the enterprise and business and industry more extensive interconnection, reduce mutual information acquisition and interaction costs.

    1, "upgrade" through the traditional business model and service processes to reorganize, innovation and even subversion, in order to further enhance efficiency, change the way to upgrade the dimension and create new business models.

    2, "innovation" through big data sharing and business platform, business interaction, the application of new technologies, gave birth to new businesses, products and services, as well as new industry, industrial ecosystem.

    3, "Internet + Exhibition" to promote the traditional traditional exhibition services to improve quality and efficiency and transformation and upgrading, more importantly, will produce more new service models, new service forms and new services to meet the new social needs , Thus forming a new intelligent exhibition service system.

    4, the real purpose of online exhibition is to enlarge the exhibition effect, but must jump out of the exhibition industry to cross-border integration to enlarge!

    Since the beginning of the exhibition industry is a multi-industry related and does not seem relevant, should be very open but also very closed, seemingly simple but very complex a special industry, each enterprise in their own circles year after year to repeat almost the same thing, we both want to share cooperation and beware of peer competition, many people know that no innovation is liker waiting for death can not self-revolution ... ... worry, fear, helplessness and loss became a reality portrayal of many exhibition entrepreneurs.

Enlarge the exhibition effect from two aspects:

    [1]In the field of vertical professional, to enhance the exhibition effect: This is the traditional exhibition companies should do, including upgrading the optimization of traditional exhibition planning, organization, publicity, fluttering services, new technology applications, exhibition combination, highlight and innovation, of which the importance of exhibition + Internet and build operations is also essential, exhibition organizers own "online and offline integration" in their own areas of expertise and scope to tap the potential and enhance their own brand and the effect of the exhibition.

    [2]In the horizontal cross-border areas, expands the exhibition effect: each industry professional firms will be trapped in a relatively fixed range because of their professional and domain constraints, even if they move the offline exhibition on their own website, it is only another version of offline exhibition, the scope of coverage locked in those who have been. Therefore, the true meaning of online exhibition is not the traditional exhibition hold online so simple, but professional Internet platform using it’s brand, professional operations, channel communication and cross-border integration, etc. brought magnifying power!

    "online and offline exhibition" is to create the online "digital exhibition norms" and "Digital Exhibition International Expo Center", using "Internet +" innovate traditional exhibition industry development mode, realize offline + online exhibition integration." For the exhibition industry and the audience provide online exhibition overall solutions and services to achieve and promote the entire exhibition industry "two-dimensional exhibition space" development aspirations.

    Handheld Expo platform has now become the first professional digital exhibition operation service platform, the main objective is to upgrade the exhibition industry to provide innovative Internet services, the overall design and operation of the most unique is that it also has a number of "double" Innovation, complementarity and self-expansion:

    1, the main online and offline exhibition section show and spread the same time show way to create the exhibition industry eco-chain.

    2, in order to avoid short-term exhibition crowd, the maximum platform to ensure the heat and viscosity of the crowd, the platform also operates another 3 to 4 plate content, used to create a larger industry cross-border interaction of the community-based ecosystem, Embodies the "cross-line + professional" two-tier ecosystem.

    3, the platform positioning both services in high-end enterprises, but also service entrepreneurs themselves, completely cover their career and life levels.

    4, VR and other new technology applications, will also get through the "real and virtual" experience.

    5, with the "connection" will be the entity of the enterprise "+ Internet" and the Handheld Expo platform "Internet +" organic integration, networks complement each other, sharing a win-win situation.

Single-line mode can only be 1 +1 = 2, while the online and offline model is 1 +1 = N! This is the innovation and subversion of the Handheld Expo platform, but also its soul!