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"Looking for Exhibition and Looking Around Exhibition" on the "Online and offline Exhibition" Platform

Handheld Expo Platform

    Online & Offline Expo is the independent platform and sub-platform of the Handheld Expo Platform, which is representative of future exhibition develop dependency, the goal is to present the online and offline exhibition at the same time and recreate the exhibition ecosphere on the Internet. Aims to promote the traditional exhibition industry more digital, intelligent innovation and development. OAO Exhibition Version 1.0 was launched in late 2015 and optimized for version 1.5 on June 1, 2016. Which got the government, industry and enterprises, exhibition visitors and audiences paid more attention to our products and services. Thanks to all the concerns to our platform.

Handheld Expo platform the latest development 2.0 version has published on-line on January 15, 2017!

    We always adhere to create a systematic ecological exhibition industry platform to provide digital exhibition display and eco-industrial chain platform. someone proposed "exhibition O2O2O" concept coincidentally meet our "OAO Exhibition" model. So in the new version, we focus on digital exhibition system upgrade: how to organize digital exhibition? How to present? What does the audience look at? How to see? Exhibitors how to display and so on? We also made a series of extensions to the exhibition services. How to allow users quickly find high-quality exhibition services, in order to facilitate the development of the platform concept and development needs, we enabled the professional domain http://oao.expoworld.cn to facilitate the audience and enterprises more convenient to find exhibitions, visit exhibitions and observe exhibitions.

The following specific elaborate on our ideas and new versions of the function:

What does the OAO exhibition version 2.0 contains?

    OAO exhibition version 2.0 is according to user suggestions and our development plan: online exhibition hall, exhibition information, exhibition venues, exhibition organizations, exhibition services, news and information six sections:

    Exhibition information is recommended in the high-end quality exhibition, industry segments, location selection, show time, exhibition status, etc. You are concerned we basically think of.

    Exhibition venues, exhibition organizations are places we provide to our excellent venues, group exhibition side to provide publicity platform for investment, so that quality resources can share a win-win situation.

    Exhibition services is our integration of intelligent exhibition technology services to promote the display of a new attempt, where we want to have a good service providers focus on the display platform to enable users to quickly find and docking, including: publicity fluttering , Exhibition technology, design structures, business services, these four categories.

    Exhibition News and Information Section we provide six major contents, from the policy trends to the exhibition think tank, allowing you to quickly understand the exhibition industry development and doorways.

What are the differences of OAO version 2 brings to the exhibitions and exhibitors?

    The new section of the online exhibition hall is actually the concept of the Digital National Exhibition Center, we want to give the user is ZR (Rebuild reality) concept of development experience. Therefore, we will show the main parts of the exhibition: exhibitors, exhibits by digital panoramic (graphic, video or VR) presented, the user can select the orientation of the exhibitors, both to understand their brand strength and see the latest products, as well as the largest preferential policies during the exhibition, the audience can reserve a button can also click the mouse to make an appointment and purchase, through the OAO exhibition mode we can push the"online professional customers” precision to the offline booth, the potential consumers to the enterprise e-commercial shop, "to achieve" OAO interactive" effect. Beside of this, culture, technology, economy and other information can be introduced to the audience, to increase the charm of the city, truly provides online exhibition "display + cooperation + sales + culture and travel" and other integrated services innovation and integration.

    2016 is the VR, AR virtual era, is the first year of the outbreak of live, the outstanding performance of such technology brought a new way to the exhibition, as we in June, 2016 version 1.5 release of the system, we integrate into the VR technology and presentation, in the new version, we will continue to use, and we also increased the video broadcast technology and presentation, so we have created a multi-media display platform.

    Digital exhibitions also break the traditional exhibition area, time, space and cost constraints, hold exhibitions, visit exhibitions and observe exhibitions can be carried out anytime, anywhere. Our digital exhibition system can also put offline exhibition preview on-line and never ended, Users can enjoy the exhibition of interest, exhibitors, at any time to visit again. We also set up a column for users to keep abreast of the latest progress of the exhibition.

What will the OAO exhibition version 2 bring to the exhibition industry?

    Online exhibition development is inseparable from the offline, they complement each other, sharing and win-win! Only the two sides cooperate can make a OAO exhibition. Offline exhibition only in a period of time so that part of the audience can be seen on site, some types of exhibition (for example, large machinery or industry park show, etc.) offline is difficult to hold their products simple, but these online exhibition can fully achievable, we will provide exhibition organizers a backstage management system as well as exhibitors also have management system backstage, through the system to complete the "self-help and free-visit exhibition" while allowing themselves improve the exhibition through the Internet and publicity, so that more users can see, and constantly enhance the exhibition's influence, magnifying the line under the brand and influence.

    We have established the effective connection between the exhibition venue, the exhibition service providers and the exhibition information provider. Through the series connection of the three information, the user can know the service providers and exhibition halls through the exhibition organizer, understand the exhibitions and exhibition halls through the service providers. We established exhibition chain of dynamic link and information integration, in the display at the same time to multi-dimensional sharing and screening information.

OAO exhibition version 2.0 have what new exhibition services?

    OAO exhibition version 2.0 serves both the upgrading of the exhibition industry and the innovation of the exhibition industry. There will be a lot of space for the development and customization of pure digital exhibitions. For example, large-scale enterprise customized exhibition, trade association / city park to promote investment exhibition and other fields ... .... Because the OAO exhibition version 2.0 is to create a digital display system, it can cross-border, can be customized, almost breaking down all the restriction,bringing a broader exhibition development space .

What is the next develop phase of the OAO exhibition?

    "OAO exhibition" and "digital exhibition" is a new model, we are also under actively explore the practice, we must first ensure that the already on-line functions can be normal and efficient operation for users, businesses, and we will continue to optimize the user experience and functionality and integration. Because of the complexity of the system, we are currently have PC-on-line, and mobile-side is stepping up development, so our next phase of the main goal is to bring app on the mobile, the entire digital exhibition users to participate in the role of management and other aspects are also under intensify research and development. In the course of use, if you have any suggestions and comments can contact us, we are very grateful to you attention and guidance!

    OAO exhibition platform is willing to join the exhibition industry brothers companies together contribute to the digital and intelligent in 2017 for the exhibition industry and jointly promote China's exhibition industry from the exhibition big country into innovation power.