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Handheld Expo was Invited to Attend UFI the 83rd Annual Meeting

    Autumn in Shanghai with osmanthus fragrance, in this beautiful season the global exhibition industry’s bigwigs will gather in Shanghai next month. The Union of International Fairs (UFI) will hold 83rd Annual General Meeting from November 9th to 12th. The theme of this annual three-day conference is “Chain Reaction - Exhibition Industry in Transition”. Preparatory work is being carried out in full swing at present.

    The UFI annual meeting holds every year by the members of the union. It is a great opportunity for holding place to promote,therefore members often competing to be the organizer. In March 2014, Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association submitted a contractor application to the UFI. Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong signed a written support letter. After competition, Shanghai stands out in four of Asian-African region competitors, successfully won the right to host the 83rd UFI meeting. In January 11th of this year, Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association and the UFI signed the contractor agreement.

    Thanks to the rapid development of China's exhibition industry in recent years, Shanghai has become the world's most important exhibition market. The top 15 countries occupy 80 percent of the global indoor exhibition’s share, with the top three being the United States, China and Germany. In the period of 2011 to 2015, the usable exhibition area in China increased by 29 percent, the growth rate on the top of the world, There are currently more than 5 million square meters exhibition area in China, the next two years will have an additional 10 percent growth. Shanghai, as one of the most dynamic cities in the world, is also the largest convention and exhibition city in China. According to Shang Yuying, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, in 2015, Shanghai held 851 exhibitions with a total exhibition area of 15.13 million square meters, of which more than 100,000 square meters of large-scale exhibitions reached 32, the world's top 100 exhibitions, Shanghai has 11 selected. By the end of 2015, Shanghai exhibition area of nearly 1 million square meters, exhibition capacity ranked first in the world. As one of the most important industry in the future, Shanghai has made great efforts to support the development of convention and exhibition industry. The government has made it as “international exhibition capital”development target.

    The annual meeting will have an important issue, that is, since the emergence of the Internet, traditional exhibition practitioners have been worried that the digital will become the rivals. Exhibition companies and digital industry practitioners is in competition or cooperation ? “digital subversion” can be achieved or not? How will the “Uber” in exhibition industry change the market? All of these questions will be discussed in this meeting.

    Handheld Expo is under current national economic restructuring pattern, the first domestic platform provide overall “Internet +” innovative development and services for the exhibition industry and enterprises. Authorized by Shanghai Post-expo Center, which is the only authorized and commissioned “Double-line Expo”project, has successfully achieved the 2015 Milan World Expo panoramic O2O Double-line display and operation, and has achieved widespread recognition and expected results. It is divided into five major sections: online Expo, Double-line exhibition, Expo mall, art appreciation and healthy life. It promotes the “World Expo” post-Expo philosophy, technology culture and corporate services. This model not only helps traditional exhibitions to enlarge the effect, but also innovated China's exhibition industry development model. “Double-line Exhibition” can also be called “digital exhibition”, which is using “Internet +”to innovate traditional exhibition industry development model, offline + online exhibition can open up a new exhibition model and enrich the exhibition products. Providing solutions and services for the exhibition place owners, organizers, exhibitors, and the audiences.Handheld Expo is conducive to promote the exhibition industry to create a “two-dimensional exhibition space”.Further to meet the domestic people “desire to visit the World Expo at home”.

    Therefore,Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association invited Handheld Expo to participate this year’s annual meeting. Through more than one year of online operations, Handheld Expo has signed many national exhibition groups as strategic cooperation. It is a good time to go aboard facing international market. Through this annual meeting, Handheld Expo can borrow this opportunity to develop their own brand, enhance their international reputation, and establish a new global partnerships.Bring innovative and competitive advantages for other countries. At the same time to learn from the international exhibition industry practitioners’ new development tendency, improve the management mechanism, and to achieve mutual benefit, internal and external blend.

    Handheld Expo is looking forward to exchanging views with counterparts from all over the world. To discuss the problems facing by the exhibition industry and the future development direction, we wish the exhibition can be successfully held.