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Create a New Era of China's Exhibition ——"Double-line Exhibition" win-win model

    In March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first time put forward the "Internet +" action plan in government work report. At the same year November, President Xi Jinping at the Central Financial Work Leading Group Meeting first time mentioned "supply-side reform". During the NPC & CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned again in 2016 government work report to vigorously promote the "Internet + government services", and to achieve inter-departmental data sharing, so that residents and entrepreneur would not need to come to government much times, which will benefit people and companies in China, so that people can have more equal opportunities and greater creative space.

    Under macroeconomic policies advantages, government information construction emerged a large scale, China's economic development and reform began to enter the deep water area.

    Under this background, China’s exhibition industry adapt to the new normal economic development period, and implement the "Internet +" action plan, comprehensively promote the Internet as the core of information technology in the field of exhibition services and innovative development, played an important role as promote markets, stimulate consumption, enhance employment, steady growth. Promote economic restructuring and upgrading, public entrepreneurship and innovation, to build a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system.

    How to take “Internet +” wind, to solve the traditional form of exhibition’s disadvantages such like : single way of invite companies to participate exhibitions, exhibition showing in old ways and channels homogenization, spend a lot of human resources, financial, time, space and distance limitations and other issues?

    To solve pain points and bottlenecks in the traditional exhibition, at first we need to take the core functions to change, using the Internet brought information and big data to innovation, its essence is to use the Internet to realize the integration of complementary. Consumer-centric, around its target market and a unified brand image. Combine using of various forms to realize the organizers, exhibitors and visitors all in win-win situation, to achieve the brand realization in consumers, and to build brand and consumer with long-term close relationship, more effective dissemination of brand and to achieve service promotion purposes. All of this need “Internet +" innovation. By combining online + offline, to achieve double line focus on branding - one station exhibition with sale - user experience - interactive communication - Innovation and development in industry ecology.

Showing Expo "double-line exhibition" Success Case

    "Handheld Expo" is under China's economic restructuring, the first comprehensive platform for domestic exhibition industry entities and enterprises, providing the whole "Internet +" innovation and services. Which is authorized by the Shanghai Post-expo Center and built the "double-line Expo" project. We has successfully displayed and operated the 2015 Milan Expo panoramic O2O, and achieved widespread recognition and expected results.

    "Double-line Exhibition" also known as "digital exhibition" is using "Internet +" to innovate tradition exhibition industry development model, which achieved offline + online double-line exhibition integration, opened up a new world of exhibition, enrich exhibition’s products. Provide pavilions, organizers, exhibitors, exhibition installments and viewers with online exhibition overall solutions and services. It is conducive to promoting the exhibition industry to create a whole “two-dimensional exhibition space" and exhibition new products lists and to meet people’s need of “explore Expo without going to outside.”Innovate China's exhibition industry of double-line driven development model.

"Double-line Exhibition" cooperation model

First, the exchange of resources cooperation

    Handheld Expo to create a full "Internet +" platform, which can use each industry’s or business "+Internet ", interconnected to form a "network of network" interactive attractive viewers effect, joint advocacy and show business docking services.

Second, cooperate with exhibition project

    Platform set a special [exhibition organizer] section which established "double-line" display and cooperation with various types of high-end exhibition organizers. The cooperation, covering co-host the show, independent contractor exhibition, exhibition publicity, investment and data analysis and so on one-station collaborative services.

Third, cooperate with the exhibition venues

    Platform has a dedicated [exhibition venues] section, which provides a long-term recommendation, policy advocacy and investment services for each province’s exhibition venues. This part will regular host "online well-known venues promotion conference and selection activities," promote venues reputation, visibility and the scope of investment.

Fourth, collaborate with exhibition installment enterprises

    Platform fitted with a special [exhibition installment] industry sector, publicity their businesses, brands, the selection of works and audience, to recommend excellent exhibition installment enterprises to organizers and exhibitors, to help expand the market and project joint cooperation.

Fifth, Cooperate with Exhibition Office

    Exhibition as a focusing, drainage activities and new economic development engine with integrated driving effect on tourism, culture and technology, industry investment and real estate sales. How to use Internet + Exhibition + city to promotion? Not only the national strategy, but also the inevitable tendency of the times, Handheld Expo platform is providing with such services.

Sixth, cooperate with the association

    Various industry associations as a community organization, not only bear the docking coordinating role of member companies and the government, but also have industry via Internet + innovation + member companies to plus Internet responsibility! Handheld Expo hopes to provide more services on this platform.

    "Internet +" feature is innovation driven, cross-border integration, reshaping the structure, connected everything , open ecosystem, respect for humanity, the core is driven by innovation. Landing "double-line Exhibition" innovative model, first of all to maintain the traditional exhibition industry's competitiveness, followed by an overall increase in the contact points on the Internet, in this way to add "Internet +" comprehensively to the business model, marketing, products, and services, to work with the daily operation docking.

    Handheld Expo is taking the Internet as the "infrastructure", using of current and future information and new technology, display, collect, analyze, integrate various types of information exhibition industry through the "Internet +" mode, including plan, invitation, organization, various resources of the whole industry chain to make intelligent configuration, and intelligent response to various needs, thereby promoting innovation and sustainable development of the traditional exhibition industry.