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Handheld Expo can also help you go to University

    National Higher Education Entrance Examination is the most important college entrance examination in the People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). It was regarded as an important turning point for changing individual’s future and family destiny by countless students. The National Higher Education Entrance Examination 2016 already started. The data of Ministry of Education show that the registration of examinees up to 9.4 million in this year, known as “the most rigorous college entrance examination in the history”.

    With the end of the college entrance examination, student recruitment and enrollment work will be holding in full swing soon. Voluntary reporting actually is also a “two-way choice” between examinees and colleges: on the one hand, examinees can through voluntary reporting to express their desires that what kind of college they want to go and which major they like; on the other hand, the various colleges and universities can based on examinees’ voluntary reporting to admit students, select qualified students from numerous examinees. Reasonable voluntary reporting is very significant for examinees.

    Handheld Expo create the mode of Expo transmission, practice and rich “Internet +” on the basis of practice and application of large-scale exhibition and public event project, founded “2016 the First Online Student Recruitment Thematic Exhibition of National Key University” to offer comprehensive query and guidance for the majority of students and parents to apply for the national key universities.

    According to statistics, there are a total of 2879 national colleges and universities in 2016, which include 2595 of common colleges and universities and 284 of adult higher schools. After investigation, there is a lack of professional website for examinees to offer all aspects of materials about national key universities in China.

    Handheld Expo as Expo official platform and Shanghai TOP10 most popular government affairs public platform, shoulder the important responsibility of scientific and technological innovation and the promotion of economic and cultural display. It is also the bellwether of information window in the new times and the guidance of high-end consumer behavior. The platform has official and welfare properties, and also has recognition, influence and brand appeal in the world field. This thematic exhibition covers the most detailed information about all colleges and universities. Effectively prevent cheating from the various types of pseudo colleges who has non-enrollment qualifications, illegal enrollment or online swindling.

This session of the national key universities student recruitment thematic exhibition:

Theme: Internet +, to help you enter the ideal university

Time: June 27, 2016 - September 26, 2016

Location: OAO International Expo Center

Exhibition Scale: 30 million people

Organization: Handheld Expo

Media Cooperation: Sina, Netease, Tencent, people.cn, hexun.com, SOHU.com,

www.huanqiu.com, People Daily, GMW.cn, China Daily, IFENG.com, v.ifeng.com,

www.cyol.com, etc.

Participants: a nationwide colleges and universities, training institutions, educational service institutions, etc.

Exhibition promotion plan

1. through Handheld Expo PC official website, mobile official website, microblog, Wechat to release exhibition information

2. through cooperation media to release exhibition information

3. through cooperation colleges, education website to release exhibition information

4. through domestic large-scale and high-end exhibition organizers, media replacement to release exhibition information

Related activity plans during the exhibition

1. audience click on to select 2016 the first 100 national colleges and universities

2. through public vote to select the most popular colleges and universities

3. hold online prize quiz activities, increase clicks

    We sincerely hope that the majority of students and parents can easily obtain the first-hand information related to the college entrance examination policy, general situation of institutions and student recruitment information through the thematic exhibition. We hope the thematic exhibition can help you or your children, and wish everyone can find their favorite college and major. Handheld Expo will also summarize the experience of this thematic exhibition to continuously improve the services and functions of the next exhibition.

Warm Tip:

    At present, the Thematic Exhibition of National Key University can only be viewed in the PC official website’s OAO Exhibition Section (www.expoworld.cn)OAO Exhibition Section of mobile official website and Wechat terminal is currently in progress of development