China's the only one online expo platform

China's high-end new media platform

China's first OAO exhibition operating platform

China's first digital exhibition platform

China's first Internet + exhibition industry innovative service platform

Online World Expo

We are the government authorized online World Expo operator

We pioneered mobile World Expo visiting platform

We have established a digital World Expo Museum

We panoramic showed the 2015 Milan World Expo online

We are comprehensive planning and following 2020 Dubai World Expo

Five Sections:

World Expo News      World Expo Site       Nation Pavilion      World Expo Enterprises      Review

Online ExpoOne exhibition,Double line watching

  • Double-line Exhibition

    "Offline + Online" deep integrated new model of development

    Eliminate of time, space, cost and geographical limits on the exhibition,
    Ccreated never-ending quality exhibition

    Created a new online exhibition and exhibition mode

    Create ecosystem exhibition industry on the Internet

  • Six Sections

    Online Exhibition; Exhibition news; Pavilions in China;

    Exhibition contractors; Exhibition installation services;

    VR Perspective

Expo MallExpo quality.Style life

Expo Mall

Expo Mall is taking Expo as the theme, the Expo quality as threshold B2B2C online

merchandise sales platform

Expo mall’s customersare high-end business and entrepreneur

Mall Expo is a global electricity suppliers integrative platform

Mall Expo provides electricity suppliers’links with value-added services after the exhibition.

Five Sections:

Art AppreciationPromote traditional culture,Heritage Chinese arts

Art Appreciation

Referral global hot art news

To promotion traditional Chinese culture and art

Enhance the quality of artlife

Creating the world's best artists display and interactive platform to exchange ideas.

Four Sections


"Looking for Exhibition and Looking Around Exhibition"...

Handheld Expo Platform Online Offline Expo is the independent platform and sub-platform of the Handheld Expo Platform

"Online and Offline Exhibition" is an Expert Dancing, Layman...

Under the inspiration of national Internet + strategy, the traditional exhibition facing the "+ Internet" and "Internet + Exhibition"

"Online and Offline Exhibition" to Create a New ...

Handheld Expo Platform "Online and Offline Exhibition" opened a new era of Internet OAO applications

Handheld Expo was Invited to Attend UFI...

Autumn in Shanghai with osmanthus fragrance, in this beautiful season the global exhibition industry’s bigwigs will gather in Shanghai

Handheld-China”Comes into Being

Handheld-China is found in 12th, 2014,which is the only operation being the official online stage of Milan World Expo.

Handheld Expo can also Help You Go to University

National Higher Education Entrance Examination is the most important college entrance examination in the People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

Create a New Era of China's Exhibition

In March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first time put forward the "Internet +" action plan in government work report. At the same year November, President Xi Jinping at the Central

5 Trends to Watch in 2017

As in previous years, we used the time around the UFI Global Congress to identify the core themes that the UFI team feels will impact the global exhibition industry in 2017..